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Appealing a Magistrates’ Court Conviction or Sentence

You can appeal against your conviction or sentence, or both if you pleaded not guilty.

You can appeal your sentence but not your conviction if you pleaded guilty.

You should appeal within 21 days of the date you were sentenced. If you don’t then you’ll have to ask the Crown Court for permission before you can appeal.

A few weeks before the hearing you will be told where and when it is. This is normally your nearest Crown Court.

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If you win:

If you win your appeal against your conviction, your sentence will no longer apply and you may be able recover some of your legal costs.
If you win your appeal against your sentence it will be reduced.

If you lose:

If you lose your appeal, your original conviction will stay the same, but you may be able to appeal again.

Our specialist Magistrates’ Court solicitors have the expertise to help you if you have a motoring conviction; contact us on 0800 0463066 for advice.

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