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After the Public Inquiry

The Traffic Commissioner usually makes his/her decision at the Inquiry. Sometimes, they will reserve their decision until after the Public Inquiry pending the production of further information, or simply choose to put their decision in writing rather than to announce their decision at the Inquiry.

The Traffic Commissioner will always write a letter confirming the outcome of the hearing. The level of detail of this letter will depend on whether the Operator/Transport Manager/Driver is represented. There is often complex law involved in the decision making process and any findings made by the Traffic Commissioner will refer to legislation which a Transport Lawyer can explain to you.

Frequently, the Traffic Commissioner will take a less harsh course of regulatory action in return for the Operator formally promising to take certain action (known as an undertaking). It is very important that any undertakings made to the Traffic Commissioner are complied with on time, otherwise it is likely that the Operator may have to appear at another Public Inquiry on that basis alone. Obviously, a Traffic Commissioner will take a much more firm view with Operators called to Public Inquiry on more than one occasion or as a result of a failure to comply with undertakings.

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If you wish to see this information in PDF please see our Guide to appearing at a Public Inquiry before a Traffic Commissioner

For further information, please contact Operator Licensing Solicitors  on 0800 088 6018.