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Scotland Eyes up Drug Driving Laws

March sees the second anniversary of drug driving laws being introduced in England and Wales, and up in Scotland ministers are paying close attention to its impact. As you’ll know, specific blood levels were introduced for 17 illegal and prescription drugs, and in 2015 driving above the threshold became an …


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New figures show an increase in killed or seriously injured road casualties

There were more than 25,000 people killed or seriously injured (KSI) on roads in Great Britain in the year ending September 2016. That’s the same as the entire population of Skegness, plus a couple of surrounding villages, either being wiped out or suffering life-changing injuries more serious than living in …

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Countdown to tougher penalties for using a mobile phone while driving

It’s only a month now until new legislation is introduced that will see motorists using a mobile phone while driving fined £200 and handed six penalty points. Since late last year, police forces have been attempting to focus their resources at the crime and in one week during November alone, …

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Tougher Fines for Most Serious Speeding Breaches

Stricter, harsher punishments for speeding drivers will come into force in April. New guidelines have been issued by the Sentencing Council and mean that the most serious speeding breaches will have a new starting point of 150% of a person’s weekly income. This compares with the current 100% up to …

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Designated Drivers Not Up to the Job

New and provisional drivers are being urged to think seriously about who supervises them in the passenger seat – or risk facing £1,000 and six penalty points. The law states that learner drivers should be supervised when they are driving with family and friends. These supervisors have to adhere to road …

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Public Need to Get Smarter on Smart Motorways

Smart motorways are just too smart for some drivers and what’s needed are lessons to make us cleverer, according to the police. In a sign that the controversial scheme is here to stay, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) said more awareness of the rules is needed, in order to …

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Renewed Push to Address Sleep Apnoea in Drivers

Drivers with undiagnosed sleeping conditions pose a greater risk to road users than being a drunk driver. That’s the message the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the RAC want to get across in a renewed push to address Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS for short, or OSA for shorter), particularly …

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£30,000 Roadside Test for Cocaine Use

An improved roadside test for cocaine use has been developed, which is good seeing as the last one was worse than just asking drivers if they’d used the drug. If you recall, when the new drug driving law was first rolled out, there was only a roadside test available for …

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Police Warning Over Fake NIPs

Thousands of emails purportedly from the police have been sent to drivers across the country claiming they have been caught speeding, but the messages are fake and contain banking trojan malware. The emails claim Greater Manchester Police are notifying you about a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) and have photographic …

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Life sentences considered for death by dangerous driving offence

  As we reported back in October, death by dangerous driving laws are finally being looked at and now we know the government is considering life sentences for the offence. A consultation has been launched which runs until February and seeks opinions on increasing the current 14 year maximum term …

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