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Jail for Dangerous Driver After Sleep Apnoea Causes Multi-Vehicle Pile-Up

Sleep apnoea and driving is back in the news after a court case in Warwickshire last week that highlighted the horrors of ignoring the symptoms. Trucker Martin Gibson was given a 15-month prison sentence after his artic ploughed into the back of a van on the A46 near Stratford upon …


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Motorists Unaware of Prescription Drugs Laws

We’ve highlighted before how drug-driving arrests have soared since the law changed in March 2015, but latest figures show it’s prescription drugs that most people admit they are taking. Data released under the Freedom of Information Act reveals that during 2015, 2,090 motorists were charged with drug driving, an increase …

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Speeding Lie Leads to Jail Term

Police have warned motorists not to be fooled by anyone promising they can make speeding fines disappear for a fee, after a graduate was jailed for perverting the course of justice. We’ll assume they weren’t referring to legitimate lawyers with a cast iron defence, but that wasn’t what Ayesha Ahmed …

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8 Points for Tailgating Case Dismissed

Is endorsing a driving licence with eight points for tailgating manifestly excessive? The Sheriff appeal court in Scotland thinks not and anyone who has been subjected to this course of driving will no doubt cheer the outcome. In December 2014, Mark McInally was driving on the M90 and very close …

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Using a mobile phone at the wheel: Too distracted to care

A perception that using a mobile phone at the wheel is OK means that the offence is now rife on the roads, according to the RAC. As many as 95% of motorists say they regularly see others doing it in standstill traffic, with 64% claiming they saw at least one …

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Missing: Drug Driving Sentencing Guidelines

It’s been more than a year since new drug driving legislation came into force and yet it seems courts still have no guidelines for sentencing offenders. That’s apparently the claim of a solicitor in a recent case at Worcester Magistrates, who was quoted complaining that magistrates are instead relying on …

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Death by Dangerous Driving Conviction for Distracted Trucker

An HGV driver has been jailed for three and a half years for causing death by dangerous driving following a collision on the A55 in North Wales. The police have now released video footage of the moment of impact of Nicholas Clough’s lorry with a Ford Transit, which had slowed …

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The Long Term Factors Leading to Road Fatalities

Motorists may be taking to the roads impaired and not even realising it. A report published by the Parliamentary group PACTS has found that although alcohol is the biggest recorded impairment to driving, there are less obvious causes that drivers are probably unaware of. These include uncorrected eyesight, fatigue and …

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Seatbelt offences increase with other motoring offences in East Anglia

Almost 33 years ago the law was changed to make it compulsory for front seat occupants to wear seatbelts. But today the offence is alive and well and being coupled with other motoring offences too, according to an East Anglian police operation. You’d think by now that an unmarked HGV …

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Cameras Snapping Up More and More Speeding Offences

Last week we reported on concerns from MPs that as traffic police numbers have fallen, so too has the number of detected motoring offences. What is interesting is that this week data has emerged showing that for speeding offences at least, the numbers are soaring. According to research carried out …

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