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We’re here
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Taxing Times

When does your car need to be taxed? No, don’t run outside and check the windscreen, tax discs died a death in 2014. And that is still causing problems for a lot of people. The Department for Transport estimated it would lose £80m to the Exchequer in 2015 due to …


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A Hole Lot of Trouble

When is a pothole not a pothole? The answer is when a council gets its tape measure out and says it isn’t. One (possibly) unforeseen consequence of austerity and cutting local authority budgets is that, left with a couple of quid to sort out the country’s knackered road infrastructure, a …

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Driving Test Gets a Makeover

New drivers need to be better drivers. In 2012, a fifth of all those killed or seriously injured on the roads were involved in a collision in which at least one of the cars was driven by someone aged between 17 and 24. Road collisions are also the biggest killer …

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Mobile Phones and Driving: Is Scotland Really the Worst?

On first reading, it looks like Scotland has paid about as much attention to the law on mobile phones and driving as everyone now does to the Liberal Democrats. According to data recently released under the Freedom of Information Act, out of the 10 worst areas of Britain for mobile …

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Epilepsy and Informing the DVLA

Numerous warnings not to drive issued to an epileptic motorist went unheeded and led to catastrophe and a three-and-a-half-year jail sentence last week. Stuart Lusher, 56, was also given a lifetime ban from driving after admitting causing death by dangerous driving at Kingston Crown Court. He had stopped at a …

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Overhaul Sentences for Drivers that Kill

Guidelines for both charging and sentencing drivers that kill should be overhauled, according to a road safety charity, and it’s attracting support from the public and MPs alike. Brake says that at present, almost half of drivers convicted of killing someone are not jailed at all and for those that …

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What impact will Brexit have on motorists?

On 23rd June 2016 the UK held a Referendum where more than 30 million voters across Great Britain made the historic decision to leave the European Union (EU), of which the country has been a part of since 1973. While the long term impact of this decision remains unclear, there …

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‘Pump and Run’ Crimes: Non-payment of fuel no longer treated as a criminal offence

  One surprising outcome of limited police resources is that officers will no longer treat non-payment of fuel at forecourts as a crime. That’s as far as Devon & Cornwall police are concerned, anyway. In 2014, they received around 1,600 reports of customers leaving garages without paying and frankly, the …

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Hard Truths About the Hard Shoulder

MPs have raised concerns about the “unacceptable” compliance rate among motorists to Red X signals on motorway gantries, saying it is putting everyone in harm’s way. But the criticism of so-called ‘Smart Motorway’ schemes is not limited to the public failing to heed or understand the signals being flashed at …

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Smoking in Cars: Too Difficult to Enforce?

“It is poor legislation that hasn’t been thought through and it’s very difficult to enforce”. This comment, from a spokesman for Devon & Cornwall Police Federation, could apply to any number of laws. But this week, amidst the mind wobbling complexities and concerns of exiting our membership of the European …

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