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We’re here
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The Importance of Declaring a Medical Condition to the DVLA

If you don’t declare a medical condition to the DVLA that could affect your ability to drive, then you could be fined up to £1,000. Furthermore, if you cause an accident then you open the door to prosecution. The DVLA lists all the conditions that are notifiable, including diabetes, visual …


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Death by Dangerous Driving Law Being Reviewed

Death by dangerous driving laws may be overhauled after the Prime Minister hinted that they were being looked at. It follows a number of cases where drivers, sometimes uninsured, sometimes without a licence, sometimes already disqualified and sometimes all three, have once again driven recklessly and destroyed lives. According to …

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Middle-Lane Hoggers Roasted in Driver Survey

We are more than a year on from what was thought to be the first prosecution brought against a driver for middle-lane hogging, but our bad habits are proving difficult to shake off. A recent survey has found that almost a third of motorists admit to the practice, which might …

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Police Figures Suggest Mobile Phone Offences Going Unnoticed

Those tough sanctions for mobile phone use while driving referred to last week, don’t look so tough now that the BBC got hold of offence figures from the police. They show that fewer than 95,000 motorists were stopped last year for the offence. That sounds a lot, but in 2011/12 …

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Tough Sanctions for Using a Mobile Phone at the Wheel

A desire to make using a mobile phone at the wheel as much of a stigma as drink driving will lead to a significant increase in fines and points next year. Hot on the heels of an RAC study that found hardly anyone was paying attention to the law, the …

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Speeding Lies Lead to Criminal Convictions

Speeding fines are an annoyance and an aggravation, but that’s the point of them. They’re designed so that you think twice about your driving, you alter your habits and then hopefully you make the roads safer for you and for everyone else. What they are not meant to do is …

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Rothera Sharp transport team leading the way in Legal 500 directory

Rothera Sharp’s transport team has retained its tier 1 ranking in this year’s edition of the Legal 500; the ninth consecutive year that it has been recognised for holding a top tier ranking. The department, headed by Anton Balkitis and comprising of barrister Olivia Maginn, solicitor Laura Newton, newly appointed …

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Snapping at ANPR: Driver exposes camera error to overturn motoring fine

When Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology was introduced on UK roads more than a decade ago it was heralded by police as “a revolutionary tool in detecting crime.” Fast forward to today and vehicle movements are now recorded by a network of more than 8,000 cameras, capturing between 25 …

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The Life of a Transport Lawyer

The Transport Law Team at Keep Me on the Road – Rothera Sharp have built an enviable reputation across the UK helping and advising Transport Operators to allow them to run their businesses.  No two weeks are ever the same so we thought we would show you just what we …

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Almost 3,000 Accidents in Vehicles in 2013 due to Driver Distractions

Government figures show that there were almost 3,000 accidents in vehicles in 2013 where distractions were cited as a contributory factor. These days, pretty much anything is a distraction, whether you are in a car or not. But if you are in a car then you’ve already escalated the risks …

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