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How to prepare for a Public Inquiry before a Traffic Commissioner

You may be called to attend a public inquiry if your application for a new operator’s licence or to change an existing one has been objected to for not keeping to conditions.

For example, environmental concerns about a goods vehicle operating centre, using more vehicles than permitted or conduct whilst driving. Alternatively, you may have a call-up because there has been an unsatisfactory maintenance investigation by DVSA (formerly VOSA).  There are a host of reasons for call-up and being called to attend a Public Inquiry can have severe implications for operators and their drivers.

If called to attend an Inquiry, you will be judged on the state of affairs on the date of the Inquiry. Thus, it is vital to use the time between receiving your letter and the Inquiry effectively so that any issues may be identified. Contact us early for advice on how you can best prepare for a public inquiry before a Traffic Commissioner on 0800 046 3066.

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The Process:

Each public inquiry will have its own process, but they will follow certain general rules.

• You will receive a letter calling you to public inquiry and will get a minimum of:

28 days notice if the inquiry is regarding a transport manager
21 days notice if the inquiry is regarding a new/existing goods operator licence
14 days notice if the inquiry is regarding a new/existing passenger operator’s licence

• At the hearing the Traffic Commissioner will open the hearing and then the objectors or a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) traffic examiner or vehicle examiner will give their evidence, if called. You then get to present your case in detail

• The traffic commissioner will announce their decision at the time, or give it in writing later which is usually within 28 days

For help with presenting your case at a Public Inquiry or for legal representation please contact us on 0800 046 3066

For further information about a Traffic Commissioner’s public inquiry see our guide to your appearance at an operator licensing public inquiry

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