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Restricted Operators Licences

Restricted Operators Licences are required for businesses that rely on one or more vehicles above 3.5 tonnes to carry their own goods and materials. It is not appropriate for businesses that carry goods for other people. Our Transport Solicitors can go through all the options available to you and help you apply for the correct licence you need – 0800 046 3066

All vehicles covered under Restricted Operators Licences need to be up to date in terms of their licence compliance requirements, both from a safety and legal perspective.

Failure to comply:

Failure to comply can lead to a public inquiry before the traffic commissioner (TC) with potentially disastrous consequences for the business.

Licences can be revoked or suspended, the number of vehicles authorised to be used under a licence can be limited or alternatively certain conditions can be enforced.

A director can also be disqualified from holding a licence and this may prevent them from taking a management role in the future within any business that requires one.

If a business doesn’t have a licence at all the vehicles can be impounded by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

Ensuring Compliance:

A Restricted Operators’ Licence specifies several details and requirements. If circumstances change amendments to the licence must be applied for.

You still need the licence even if you’re renting the vehicle, regardless of the length of time you’re using it for –- even if it is only for one day.

Details and requirements of the licence include:

• The number of vehicles covered
• Where the vehicles will be parked (off-road and easily accessible)
• Maintenance requirements – Agreements must be made as to how you will maintain the vehicles, either in-house or by providing evidence of an agreement with a garage
• All conditions relating to drivers, such as arrangements to monitor drivers’ hours and to ensure the vehicles aren’t overloaded
• Whether directors are ‘fit’ to hold a licence
• What systems are in place to manage the vehicle or fleet of vehicles
• A good level of financial stability within the business, to ensure it is able to support the vehicles’ maintenance

For more information on Restricted Operators Licences contact our specialist transport team for help on 0800 046 3066