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Transport Managers

Transport Managers have to ensure that a company or organisation’s transportation vehicles are operating on schedule and as planned.

Freight companies, Shipping, and Public Transportation companies all will employ a transport manager to oversee operations and make sure everything runs smoothly.

The two types of transport manager:

It may be possible to be an internal transport manager for one operator and an external transport manager under a contract for another.

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Traffic Managers’ responsibilities include:

• Responsible for getting the right products in the right quantities, to the right locations all at the right time
• In charge of the daily operations for the transport department
• Must be first point of contact for all drivers
• Efficiently manage a team of vehicles and drivers
• Organising regular vehicle checks
• A transport manager’s safety responsibilities are important
• Transportation managers are responsible for cooperating with authorities when transport accidents happen
• Dispatching large and complex goods to national and international destinations

Traffic Managers’ priorities are:

• To ensure company compliance of all transport policies, procedures and legislation
• Must regularly track all delivery vehicles and that vehicles are maintained and serviced
• Knowledgeable in a variety of process compliance areas including; Legislative, Quality, Productivity and Service
• Developing and maintaining customer relationships
• If a transportation accident happens, Transportation managers are also responsible for cooperating with authorities
• Transport managers oversee logistics which is crucial for a transportation business’ success
• Ensuring all customer and site objectives are achieved

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