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Operating Centres

Operating centres are where the vehicles are parked when not in use. A traffic Commissioner will have to be content that the operating centre is suitable:

• It will need safe access
• You will need to provide evidence that you are entitled to use the centre
• Must be located in an environmentally acceptable area

An operator must ensure that the centre meets the necessary planning regulations. In order to prevent any possibly harmful effects on the environment, the Traffic Commissioner must attach conditions to a license which will be affecting:
• The number of vehicles leaving and entering the operating centre
• The time when the centre may be used for the movement or maintenance of vehicles
• The parking arrangements for vehicles kept at the centre
• Factors such as noise, pollution, visual intrusion and vibration

KMOTR banner op centre

When viewing an application, the Traffic Commissioner must look into a number of issues such as:
• The number, type and size of the authorised vehicles which would be at use at the centre
• The proposed nature and times of use of the centre
• The parking arrangements for the vehicles at the centre
• The vicinity of the operating centre and the effect that granting the application would be likely to have on the environment
• The use of any equipment at the operating centre

If you are looking to add any operating centres to your operator’s licence contact us for help on 0800 046 3066