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Vehicle Impounding

Authorities can impound goods vehicles which appear to be operated without any authorisation. This falls under the Goods Vehicle (Enforcement Powers) Regulations.

Vehicles can be clamped or impounded instantaneously if found untaxed. If a vehicle is not recovered by the owner it may be scrapped or sold. The decision to impound a vehicle may have serious financial implications for owners as some commercial vehicles are of high cost.

In certain circumstances it is possible to recover impounded vehicles. An application can be sent to a Traffic Commissioner based on these grounds:

• When the vehicle was impounded it was driven illegally without the owner’s knowledge
• The person driving it had an appropriate licence when the vehicle was impounded
• When the vehicle was impounded it was not within the operator’s regime

KMOTR banner impounded vehicle

These above grounds often are open to a considerable amount of interpretation for a Traffic Commissioner, thus can prove complicated. Specialist advice should therefore be looked for right away as you will have 21 days to apply for the return of the vehicle or it may be scrapped or sold. Cases will need to be dealt with urgently as strict time limits govern applications to recover impounded vehicles.

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