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Driving bans solicitors: Explained

Although most motoring offences carry points and a fine, a Driving Ban can be discretionary or mandatory for many driving infringements. If you have received a driving ban and need advice straightaway contact our road transport experts on 0800 046 3066

You will probably receiving a Driving Ban for the following:-

For speeding offences – you are at risk of an instant Driving Ban if you travel well in excess of the speed limit. This all depends of course on the speed at which you are traveling.

If you reach 12 penalty points within a period of 3 years then an automatic disqualification of 6 months should be imposed if the Courts follow their guidelines. It is up to the discretion of the Magistrates/ Judge as to whether they accept any submission of mitigating circumstances (this is also referred to as “exceptional hardship”) on your behalf as to whether a Driving Ban will be imposed. This is what’s called the “Totting up” system. This is shown on your licence as TT99.

If you are a “New Driver” your licence will automatically be taken from you if you build up six or more Penalty Points within two years of first passing your driving test. This is not a Driving Ban as such, but revocation of the licence.

KMOTR banner driving ban

A Driving Ban is obligatory in some cases e.g. drink driving or death by dangerous driving. For other offences disqualification is up to the discretion of the Magistrates/Judge depending on whether you have any mitigating circumstances to put forward.

Where the Court imposes a Driving Ban for less than 56 days, the court will stamp your paper driving licence or counterpart document and give it back to you. The stamp shows the disqualification period and you do not need to renew your licence. The licence becomes valid and you can return to driving after the Driving Ban ends.

If you receive a Driving Ban then it will generally come into effect straight away, i.e. if you traveled to Court in your car then you will not be allow to drive it home!

If you would like us to look into any of the above or if you require legal representation, call now and speak to one of our solicitors on 0800 046 3066We have offices in Nottingham but offer a Nationwide Service.

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