We’re here to help keep you on the road…

We’re here
to help keep you
on the road...
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Motoring offence solicitors fees

Your initial call to us is always free so why not give us a ring to discuss your case today and we will gladly give you a few pointers to assist without obligation. Alternatively, please feel free to complete and submit our no-obligation enquiry form.

For professional drivers and private motorists, we offer a more detailed consultation with one of our specialist solicitors for £75 + VAT. We can advise either at our offices or over the telephone. In order for you to get the most from your consultation, it may be necessary to fax, post, or email certain documents to us ahead of the consultation (so please check with us first). If you decide to instruct us following the consultation, the initial fee will be deducted from our final bill.

At the consultation, we will advise you of the position under the law and of all your options. We will explain the Court procedure and will reassure you as to what needs to be done when. There is no obligation for you to ask us to represent you at Court, but of course should you choose to instruct us we will be happy to represent you for an additional fee.

We recognise that everyone’s case and circumstances are different and for this reason we have to decide fees on a case by case basis depending on complexity and your particular needs. We may be able to deal with your matter on a fixed fee and you will always find our fees extremely competitive.

We can also offer you the option of detailed written advice for a fixed fee following a consultation. This option may enable you to make a decision about the future conduct of your case. We will always ensure that you are fully advised as to fees throughout the progress of your matter.

Payment Methods

Legal Aid, otherwise known as Public Funding, is generally not available for Road Traffic or Transport Law cases. We can explore with you if you have the benefit of Legal Expense Insurance for your case. Otherwise we can accept payment by VISA, Mastercard or Maestro.

NB: Calls to us are free using our dedicated phone line 0800 046 3066 when using a landline. With mobile phones, other charges may apply.

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