We’re here to help keep you on the road…

We’re here
to help keep you
on the road...
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If you’ve received a Notice of Intended Prosecution or a summons for an offence we’re here to help

Notice of Intended Prosecution or summons? £75 + VAT initial Interview – Maximum of 20 minutes personal or telephone interview

Many law abiding motorists find themselves crossing swords with the Police or the judicial system over what are often minor road traffic violations.

Have you received a Notice of Intended Prosecution or a summons for an offence, and not being ‘au fait’ with the legal system don’t know exactly what to do to?

It could be a speeding offence, failing to comply with a traffic signal, or maybe you have been asked to provide the name and address of a driver at the time of an offence.

Whilst acknowledging you have to do something, are you unsure what that is or do you simply not have the time in your busy life to deal with the matter within the time constraints?

Rothera Sharp motoring solicitors are at hand to assist you, to make sure you minimise any impact on you and your licence by offering a fixed fee initial consultation to advise you exactly what you must do, even if you do not have the funds or desire to instruct a solicitor long term.

For a fixed fee of £75 + VAT we are on hand to offer you a short interview either by personal representation or by telephone to examine the evidence against you, check the relevant documentation for procedural accuracy and advise you as to all the steps you must take to ensure compliance.

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Peace of mind is paramount and our team of professional transport lawyers are ready to help make sure that your interests are best served, allowing you to get on with your busy life with the least amount of upset and disruption.

This fixed fee service gives you the benefit of an affordable, one to one consultation time not exceeding 20 minutes to ensure you remain on the right side of the law in such matters.

Give yourself that peace of mind today, give our team a call, they are eager and willing to help, giving you sound legal advice at a value for money price.

If you require further information about a Notice of Intended Prosecution or a consultation from a one of our solicitors call us now on 0800 046 3066.

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