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We’re here
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Magistrates’ Court Summons or Charge

Have you or one of your drivers received a summons or charge notifying you or them of prosecution?  It could be for a general motoring offence such as a speeding fine or using a hand-held device, or in relation to a commercial offence such as overloading or a driver’s hours infringement.

Sometimes the police do get it wrong.  For example, the summons may be in the wrong name, or the prosecution brought out of time, or the legal provisions incorrect.  We can advise you whether there is any scope to have the summons thrown out.  If not, we can advise whether you have a defence.  If there is no defence, we will advise you as to any relevant mitigating circumstances which may help your case. For advice on a summons or charge call our transport experts on 0800 046 3066

KMOTR banner summons or charge

It is sometimes possible, where there is more than one offence, for us to negotiate with the authorities to see if they might withdraw one.  We will advise you if this is appropriate to your case.

If you would like us to look at the paperwork to check the summons is valid or advise you with regard to your options, or if you require legal representation, call us now on 0800 046 3066

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