We’re here to help keep you on the road…

We’re here
to help keep you
on the road...
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Motoring Offences

Even relatively simple  road traffic offences can raise difficult legal issues for drivers today.  Our Motoring Offences Team is on hand to help and advise you in this specialist area of Law.

Keep Me On The Road have a wealth of experience and regularly travel the Country helping drivers and ordinary motorists retain their driving licences and livelihoods, and we are recognised as a leading firm in this area.

We can provide preliminary advice on a Notice of Intended Prosecution (the NIP) and all manner of motoring law offences such as:

Speeding Offences
Careless Driving
Drink Driving
Drug Driving
Failure to Provide a Specimen
Failing to Provide
Dangerous Driving
Driving without Insurance
Failure to Stop & Report
Driving Bans
Driving Disqualifications
Penalty Points
Special Reasons
Exceptional Hardship
Notice of Impending Prosecution
Magistrate Court Summons
Appearing at a Magistrates Court
Wrong Name on Summons
Make a Plea Online Scheme
New Drivers

We regularly appear in courts across the UK and have a high success rate in defending all types of motoring offence. You can download our informative Motoring Offences guides. Alternatively, why not follow us on Twitter @keepmeontheroad

If you would like further information or wish to arrange advice, contact us now for a free initial interview or more detailed interview with one of our lawyers for £75+VAT. Please Call 0800 046 3066 or email info@keepmeontheroad.co.uk