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Careless Driving

What constitutes careless driving?

If a vehicle is found to be driven without attention, reasonable consideration for other people or care, this is known as a ‘careless driving offence.’ If you are caught driving without care and attention you will either receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution detailing the offence or a summons requiring you to attend court unless you are lucky enough to be offered a course. It is vital that you contact us at this stage so that we can advise you on the steps to take. Call us on 0800 0463066

KMOTR banner careless driving

Examples of careless driving include:

• Failing to give way at a junction
• Taking the wrong lane at a roundabout
• Hand break turns
• Overtaking
• Drinking/eating whilst driving
• Inappropriate speed
• Wheel spins
• Tiredness
• Carrying passengers or heavy load
• Causing damage to other vehicles or property
• Ignoring traffic signs

Careless driving was created by the Road Traffic Act 1988 and has recently become a fixed penalty offence in certain circumstances, but in serious cases offenders can be summonsed to appear in court where the maximum penalty is £5000 with a discretionary disqualification and between 3-9 penalty points. A summons will be issued in situations where other drivers have been endangered.

For lower level offences the driver will be dealt with simply by a warning and can be considered for a fixed penalty with the offender given the opportunity of driver education in many instances.

If you require more information on careless driving contact our nationally recognised motoring offence solicitors for advice on 0800 046 3066

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