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We’re here
to help keep you
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Our fees for legal representation

Many clients want clarity when it comes to their legal costs and quite rightly so.

Your initial call to us for a few minutes of advice is always free, or we can offer more detailed advice for a fixed fee of £75 + VAT. Sometimes we can deal with your case by way of a mitigation statement to the court to dispense with an attendance or legal representation. For this we charge £350 + VAT.

Legal representation at court can be expensive, particularly for lengthy trials where there are several witnesses. If you have received a summons or been charged with a motoring offence, the last thing you want is to also be worried about how much legal representation is going to cost. Our fees start from £350 + VAT and we will always provide you with a quality service for competitive fees. Please see our client testimonials. Our fees for trials usually start from £500 + VAT. Our fees for exceptional hardship arguments, to avoid a ban under totting up of penalty points, usually start from £400 + VAT. Representation at court for guilty plea and sentencing usually starts from £400 + VAT. Travelling expenses are charged separately.

We can offer you either a fixed fee or an hourly rate for legal representation at court. A fixed fee agreed upfront can assist in helping you to budget for the costs of instructing us. We can also quote you per piece of legal work that we are instructed to deal with for you, and we can also offer budget plans to spread your fees. We also accept payment by credit cards. If an hourly rate is applied in your case, then at every step we will ensure you are kept fully informed of our costs so you do not have to worry about mounting legal costs.

Once instructed by you, our expert motoring solicitors will take all the paperwork from you and will deal with the prosecution and the court on your behalf. Depending on the circumstances, you may not even have to attend Court. If you wish to instruct us, we will fully assess your case and always inform you as to the legal costs.

If you want expert legal advice at a highly competitive rate call us now on 0800 046 3066.

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