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Do I Need Representation at a Vocational Driver Conduct Hearing

Being asked to attend a vocational driver conduct hearing before a traffic commissioner can be an unnerving prospect. Legal advice is recommended as how you respond in a hearing can make all the difference.

Often, a request to attend may follow from a fixed penalty from using a mobile phone or, environmental complaints or a tachograph offence. A hearing may also be linked with a public inquiry for your employer. In this case, often an employer will be legally represented which means an unrepresented driver is at a disadvantage. You will need to put your case forward in the most effective and succinct way possible due to limited time which makes it essential to seek advice from a specialist road transport solicitor at the earliest opportunity.

Applicants and drivers will be given the opportunity to explain reasons for the matters raised by the Secretary of State in order to satisfy the Traffic Commissioner that they are fit to hold the licence applied for. Although the majority of hearings take place as a result of convictions recorded against an applicant or the holder of a vocational drivers’ licence, on occasion vocational licence holders may be called to a hearing as a result of a fixed penalty being issued or in respect of some other conduct that has been reported to the Traffic Commissioner, which is of concern in respect of the driver’s conduct, but also conduct or implications, which may impact upon an operator’s repute.

Written warnings may be issued, which will set out any additional requirements and standards expected of a professional driver, details of the effects of vocational driver entitlement, the Traffic Commissioner’s role as regulator, driver conduct, and any potential implications for an operator’s licence held by the employer of the driver concerned.

We have been serving the Road Transport industry for over fifty years and our expertise in acting for clients called to an inquiry is second to none.

If you require information on attending a vocation driver conduct hearing contact our road transport solicitors now on 0800 046 3066