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Special Reasons

There may be special reasons that help you avoid a disqualification. Many offences result in obligatory disqualification. Others result in obligatory penalty points. Special Reasons, if accepted, could allow the court to impose a punishment of penalty points in place of a mandatory period of disqualification or to impose no penalty points at all. This means that you may not receive the usual penalty for the offence if your Special Reasons are seen as valid. If you are facing disqualification and want to know if special reasons can apply to your situation contact our team on 0800 0463066

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Special Reasons can apply to any offence but must meet the following criteria:

• The reason must be of a mitigating or extenuating circumstance;
• It must not amount to a defence;
• The reason must be one that the court can properly take into account when imposing punishment.

The most common examples of Special Reasons in drink driving cases are:

• Laced or spiked drinks;
• Shortness of distance;
• Emergency situations.

The most common example of a special reason in a no insurance case is:

• Being misled into committing the offence.

A driver’s ignorance of the law cannot be a special reason.

For more information on special reasons to avoid a disqualification  contact our transport team on 0800 046 3066 for advice

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