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Applying for an Operator’s Licence

An operator’s licence should be applied for in the name of the person, partnership or company using the vehicle.

This applies if:

  • You own and drive the vehicle
  • The vehicle is in your lawful possession under an agreement for hire or hire purchase or loan
  • The driver is employed by you or is your agent (you pay them to drive the vehicle)

To apply for an operator’s licence the applicant needs to complete a GV79 application form.

Alongside submitting the application you are also required to:

  • Designate a Transport Manager/ CPC holder (this is not required for a restricted licence)
  • Obtain permission to park at the operating centre from the owner or landlord if not owned or leased
  • Advertise a Statutory Notice in a newspaper in free circulation in the area of the operating centre. This notice should advertise the operating centre and invite objections about it (applicants can refer to the GV79 form for wording of the notice) and should appear at least once in the 21 days before and 21 days after you make your application
  • Provide a signed agreement or details of in house maintenance in regard to the maintenance of vehicles, including a copy of the inspection sheet that will be used
  • Provide original bank statements for 28 days showing the fleet can be maintained through the applicant having access to sufficient funds
  • Pay a fee for applying for the licence (this is usually £257 for the application plus a fee of £401 for the issue of a licence)

KMOTR banner ops licence applying

The OTC operate to strict standards and return a high number of applications due to errors and missing documentation, which can lead to a delay in the licence being granted for you to be able to operate. When you send off your application it will join the queue of other applications waiting to be processed. If there are any documents missing or you have supplied an inadequate or incorrect answer the OTC will contact you to ask you to provide the relevant information or documentation; however your application will go to the back of the queue and you will have to wait for it to get to the front of the queue to be processed again.

As a result it is vital to ensure that you have completed all parts of the application and sent all the relevant documentation. The OTC suggest that applications are submitted nine weeks before a licence is required to allow enough time for the application to be processed.

For an additional fee of £68 applicants can apply for an interim licence if they need a quick decision, however a Traffic Commissioner will only consider issuing an interim licence if you have submitted a complete application, and it does not guarantee that you will be granted a full licence.

The interim licence will either expire when a full licence is granted or if the application is withdrawn or refused for a full licence.

For more information on applying for an operator’s licence contact our transport team on freephone 0800 046 3066