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Delays in Applying for an Operator’s Licence

Delays in Applying for an Operator’s Licence can happen. At Rothera Sharp we have helped many Operators successfully apply for their O-licence. We often hear about delays and issues in providing evidence and are called in to hurry the process along.

If you need help with applying for an Operator’s Licence and need assistance contact our team today on 0800 046 3066.

KMOTR banner ops licence delays

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) deals with all new Operator Licence applications and applications to amend existing licences. Traditionally the process involved a paper application but as of November 2016, the Vehicle Operator Licencing (VOL) system was introduced.

VOL replaces previous online tools and is a platform to make various applications, manage your Licence and store related evidence. A paper application can be tedious, taking up to 12 weeks to resolve. VOL is significantly quicker, with a target time of 6 weeks. It allows for the immediate uploading of supporting evidence. The application also has some self-check elements and auto fill to eliminate user error.

Existing applicants can also notify changes and make amendments online instantly.

Logging onto VOL allows the user to access the Licence to check what information is held by OTC, which is useful for Operators, Transport Mangers and auditors. The system has been developed to be compatible with other Government portals such as Companies House. It is suggested that monthly cross checks will be made highlighting changes in company credentials. It is therefore even more important that Operators know which changes must be notified as it will not replace this obligation. Failure to notify material changes is a breach of undertakings on the Operator Licence and with VOL the excuses for failure are diminishing.

An application for VOL access can be found here – https://www.gov.uk/manage-vehicle-operator-licence

If you are experiencing delays in applying for an Operator’s Licence please call our Transport Solicitors on 0800 046 3066