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We’re here
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Applications for a new goods vehicle operator licence

A goods vehicle operator licence is needed to carry goods for a business or trade if the vehicle is used on a road with a gross mass of over 3,500 kg. There are a variety of licences one may need, these include a national operator’s licence for national transportation of goods, an international operator’s licence or a restricted licence.

The Application Process

The application process involves the completion of a GV79 application form to be sent to the Traffic Commissioner’s Office. This can be obtained from www.vosa.gov.uk or from a Traffic Office.

In order to apply for a new licence you will need to show some of the following:

• Operating Centre – permission to park if not owned or leased
• Finance- Three months demonstrating access to sufficient funds to prove that you have the adequate financial resources to keep all vehicles fit and serviceable
• Maintenance Requirements –  A signed agreement to maintain all vehicles or details of any in house maintenance

KMOTR banner GV ops licence

An application fee is required along with the completed GV79 Application Form. An application will take an approximate amount of ten weeks. If an extra is paid for an interim licence then this can be reduced to 6 weeks. Once the licence has been granted, an additional one off licence fee (lasting 5 years) and a vehicle fee per vehicle per year will be required.

For help with your application for a goods vehicle operator licence contact us on 0800 046 3066