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UKBA Accreditation Scheme

The UK Border Agency runs a free Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme which is open to all road haulage companies, regardless of size or nationality, that operate between mainland Europe and the UK. The Scheme, which is voluntary, can help companies avoid or reduce fines imposed where clandestine entrants are discovered – providing the company is operating according to the Scheme – and obtain feedback for the effectiveness of their operating system and advice as to where improvements can be made to avoid future fines.

Acceptance on to the Scheme is dependent on the haulage company being able to demonstrate that they operate an effective system to prevent vehicles being used by clandestine entrants and that reasonable steps are taken,to ensure the proper operation of that system, such as regular training and monitoring.

UK Border Agency say that acceptance onto the scheme will help you:

– avoid or reduce fines imposed on your company, provided you are operating according to the scheme;
– reduce the chances of clandestine entrants using your vehicles;
– reduce delays caused by us discovering clandestine entrants in your vehicles; and
– get feedback on how well your protection system is working.

Our transport lawyers can help you with the application process and advise you on compliance with the Code of Practice in order to gain accreditation. If your company does not qualify to join the scheme because your system and procedures do not meet the requirements, we will advise you on how you can improve them, just call 0800 046 3066.