Need representation at a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry in Cardiff? Call us on 0115 910 6239

We are Midlands based and regularly appear at the Traffic Commissioner’s Office at Cardiff where we represent Operators in connection with Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing, Driver, Driver Conduct and Preliminary Hearings before the Traffic Commissioner.

If you have been called to Cardiff for a Public Inquiry or similar Hearing before the Traffic Commissioner for consideration of regulatory action, call us first.

Again, you may be called up for the Traffic Commissioner to consider whether to grant a variation to your existing Operator’s Licence.  You may be looking to add an Operating Centre or add a new Transport Manager, or simply looking to increase the number of vehicles in your authorised fleet.

You may be called to a Disciplinary Public Inquiry or an Environmental Public Inquiry if there are issues over the proposed new operating centre as to its suitability, size or whether it is in the vicinity of nearby residents.

Rotheras Solicitors regularly appear at the Offices of the Traffic Commissioner and are able to provide expert legal advice and representation for Goods Vehicle and Passenger Service Vehicle Operators.

For further information on having an expert Public Inquiry Solicitor appear on your behalf before the Traffic Commissioner at Cardiff call our dedicated team on 0115 910 6239.