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Have you been summoned to Banbury Court for a Driving Offence? If so, you’re in safe hands with us. Our traffic solicitors team deal in all matters of driving offences ranging from:

Whether you’re a new driver or drive for a living, our team has the latest knowledge backed by vast experience. As a result, from the first call, right up to the court date, we’ll work tirelessly to take the weight off your shoulders. Our frequent defence/successes include:

  • Exceptional Hardship – Arguments which explain how the removal of your licence would negatively affect your quality of life in regard to work, family etc.
  • Special Reasons – Focusing on the rare nature of the offence. For example, driving a very short distance or driving in an emergency.
  • Reliability of Evidence – Making sure protocol was followed to the best of their ability to ensure the evidence submitted was accurate and valid.

Our goal is to use our years in transport offence to see that your case is handled with dignity, anonymity and care. We also understand the importance to handle your enquiry as unique, ensuring you have the best possible representation going forward for your specific case. Above all else, we understand that your driving licence is essential to everyday life and that importance is not lost on us.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder we are so highly regarded nationwide.

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