If you’re due to attend Harrogate Magistrates’ Court contact us on 0115 910 6239

Driving offence Solicitors – Harrogate Magistrates Court.  If you are due to attend at Harrogate Magistrates’ Court to answer a summons for any motoring matter we can help.

We are successful in assisting our clients to contest the evidence or  avoid a driving disqualification following conviction. We deal with a wide range of motoring prosecutions including those for drink drinking, speeding, failure to provide information, driving without due care. We can also assist with driving licence and taxi licence appeals, as well as early return of your licence following a drink drive disqualification.

If you are facing a ban under the totting up of penalty points, we have the expertise to represent you and argue exceptional hardship, where appropriate. Therefore if you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution, a court summons, if you have a case before the Crown Court, we can assist you to defend your case.

If necessary, we can contact the Court and make representations on your behalf. The law relating to motoring offences can become particularly technical and our knowledge and experience at Rotheras is second to none.

Alongside representation at Court, we can provide you with a fixed fee service and put forward a strong plea by way of mitigation.

Whatever the road transport or road traffic offence, be it for a driver, operator, company or someone else we are here to assist.

If you have a court summons or charge to appear at Harrogate Magistrates Court contact our expert team for advice on 0115 910 6239.