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Have you been charged with a driving offence and need representation at Beverely Magistrates Court?  Our Driving offence Solicitors regularly act of clients across Beverley. We specialise in road traffic offences and will fight for your driving licence at Beverley Magistrates Court – 0115 910 6239

We are happy to give free initial advice over the phone and fixed fee representation. Our specialty is representing motorists at Courts across the UK and are able to help you save your driving licence.

Our dedicated team of Road Traffic Law experts are on hand to assist you in your dealings with the police and the Magistrates’ courts.

If you are in danger of being fined under the totting up of penalty points and endorsements then where appropriate we can present your case to the Magistrates to show that a driving ban or disqualification would cause you or others exceptional hardship. This may culminate in avoiding the ban or getting the period of the driving ban reduced further.

For further information or Driving offence help and advice from a driving offence solicitor, contact us on 0115 910 6239.