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For driving offence solicitors covering Cambridge, look no further than Rotheras Solicitors. We are midlands based and specialise in road traffic offences and will fight for your driving licence.

Our dedicated team of road traffic law experts are on hand to assist you in your dealings with the police and the Magistrates Court.

We regularly appear to represent motorists in the Cambridge courts with regard to drink drive offences, speeding offences and many other motoring related violations. We are happy to assist at whatever stage you require our expertise.

If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) and are unclear whether the driving offence is “made out”, or if you are unsure whether there is any irregularity or illegality in the form of summons calling you before the court, or any error or weakness in the prosecution’s case, please contact our expert solicitors for advice.

Whatever the road transport or road traffic offence is, be it for a driver, operator, company or whatever legal entity and whether it be for the driver of the vehicle or driver licence related, we are here to help.

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