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Our team at Rotheras are experts in defending you with the aim of keeping you on the road. A dedicated team, with years of experience and knowledge are your best chance of keeping your licence.

We pride ourselves in our ability to help regardless of your circumstance. Helping real people to relieve some of the stress that a motoring offence can bring. We regularly defend clients in all manner of offences in King’s Lynn such as:

If you are in danger of being disqualified under the totting up of penalty points and endorsements then, where appropriate, we can present a case to the Magistrates to show that a driving ban or disqualification would cause you or others exceptional hardship. This may culminate in avoiding the ban or getting the period of the driving ban reduced.

So, if you have received a summons or Notice of Intended Prosecution, time really is of the essence. Our team are equipped to give you the best chance to save your licence, so call our friendly team for free today.

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