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For advice or representation at a court hearing in Leeds and across West Yorkshire, contact our expert motoring team at Rotheras.

Whatever the road transport or road traffic offence, our specialist solicitors are on hand to assist you with speeding, drink drive, drug drive, mobile phone and other motoring offences. If you have been charged, or received a Notice of Intended Prosecution, summons or Single Justice Procedure notice we have the expertise to help keep you on the road and avoid conviction or avoid a driving disqualification.

Whether the matter relates to a driver, operator or company we are here to help and can defend you in connection with any driving offence or summons. We can help with all motoring matters arising from offences connected to transport and care also available to assist with vehicle issues, whether it be defective tyres, defective brakes, overloading a vehicle, or exceeding a weight restriction.

If you are at risk of totting up disqualification and need help to keep your licence, or if you have been summonsed for a driving offence and are based in the Leeds area, contact our road transport solicitors on 0115 910 6239 for advice and assistance.