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We regularly appear to represent drivers in Luton Magistrates’ Court with regard to offences of no insurance, drink drive offences, speeding, fail to provide information and many other motoring related allegations.

We are happy to assist you at whatever stage you require our expertise. If you have received a notice of intended prosecution (NIP) and are unclear how to respond please contact us for advice. Furthermore if you have received a summons to attend Court or to enter a plea online under the Single Justice Notice procedure, we can advise you of the merits of the case against you and help you to either challenge the case or put forward your mitigation to avoid a disqualification. Our team can deal with police station interviews and cases in both the Magistrates’ and Crown Court.

If you are facing a ban under the totting up of penalty points, we have the expertise to represent you and argue exceptional hardship if appropriate and we are highly experienced in putting forward arguments for Special Reasons to avoid mandatory disqualifications. If you have already been disqualified and are considering appealing the sentence or conviction in we can assist.

We also deal with all matters relating to HGV and PSV offences, driver CPC and Operator licence prosecutions.

Our solicitors at Keep Me On The Road are ready and able to provide expert legal advice and representation in any area in and surrounding Luton. We offer face to face appointments or telephone conferences to fully discuss all your concerns.

For further information and advice from our expert team, contact us on 0115 910 6239.