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If you have a hearing for a motoring offence or received a Notice of Intended Prosecution in North London, contact our solicitors at Rotheras today. Our specialist team have an extremely high success rate in road traffic defence and will provide you the best chance at keeping your licence.

Due to our long-respected history, experience and industry know-how, we successfully represent drivers nationwide. We can also give you free initial advice over the phone and take your case on for a fixed me.

How we can Help with Driving Offences in North London

With 200 years in the industry, our team are highly skilled and have the experience to back up their extensive knowledge. With a particularly high success rate in arguing Exceptional Hardship, where arguing that the removal of your licence would have a significant effect on your wellbeing.

If you need expert advice and representation in North London or you have a hearing in:

  • Highbury Corner Magistrates Court
  • Barnet Magistrates Court
  • Hendon Magistrates Court
  • Tottenham Magistrates Court

…We can help. This experience also allows us to help you in all manor of driving incidents, regardless if it’s a major charge I.E.

Or minor charges such as:

Whilst we understand that talking about your incident maybe sensitive, rest assured that we deal with these incidents daily and are always happy to help. It’s just one of many reasons we have been a consistent Tier 1 ranking Transport departments according to the legal 500.

However, with driving offences especially, time is of the essence. The specialist solicitors at our disposal are equipped to deal with all manor of offences, with free initial advice. So why wait?See how we can help save your driving licence today.

So give us a call and let’s see how we can take the weight of your shoulders – 0115 910 6239