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Contacting our expert motoring offence solicitors at Rotheras is the first step to saving your driving licence. Having specialised in all range of motoring matters, our team are recognised nationwide and excel regardless of the situation. With a tier 1 ranked transport team according to the legal 500, you are safe hands.

We understand this can be a stressful time and may be a sensitive issue. For this reason, we offer free initial advice to introduce you to our team but to also begin to lighten the burden on your shoulders.

North West London – How we can help?

As we said, we’re experts in all matter of motoring offences, and nothing will surprise or catch us off guard. With decades of experience coupled with up-to-date knowledge and enthusiasm, it’s no wonder we are so recognised in the industry.

Our specialisms include but are in no way limited to:

With handling these types of calls daily, you can be sure we are trained to be understanding and never judgemental.

For drivers who are on the verge of losing their licence after receiving 12 points, we can also explore whether you would be applicable for an Exceptional Hardship argument. Put simply, this outlines that disqualifying you from driving would have to much of a negative effect on factors such as your livelihood or family commitments. Luckily, our success rate for these types of arguments are also exceptional and are testament to our teams understanding of the law.

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So, If you require an expert lawyer that can defend you in relation to any road traffic offence across:

  • North West London in Willesden Magistrates Court,
  • Hendon Magistrates Court
  • Uxbridge Magistrates Court

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