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Rotheras’s motor transport solicitors have regularly represented drivers who have appeared at Nuneaton Magistrates Court charged with motoring offences. Our dedicated team specialise in road traffic offences and have the knowledge and expertise to assist you and fight for your driving licence.

If you require an expert that can defend you in regard to a road offence committed in the Nuneaton area then contact us. We are experienced in dealing with a wide spectrum of motoring offences, from disclosure procedures and pleas of not guilty to special reasons arguments and pleas in mitigation.

Whether the road transport or traffic offence is in relation to a driver, operator or company or involves a driver, vehicle or licence, we can help you. We pride ourselves on our professional yet personal and approachable service. We can deal with all matters arising from offences connected to motoring and can also assist in connection with vehicles (construction and use) whether it be defective tyres, defective brakes, overloading a vehicle, exceeding a weight restriction, etc.

We can present a case to a Magistrates Court to show that a driving ban or disqualification would cause exceptional hardship to you or others if you are at risk of losing your licence under the totting up of penalty points and endorsements.

If you have received a speeding ticket or a court summons, or even if you have been charged and your matter is to go on indictment to the Crown Court, we can assist you to defend your position.

For further information on getting representation at Nuneaton Magistrates Court, call our driving offence solicitors on 0115 910 6239 to discuss your offence and obtain legal representation. bar