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Do you need help with a motoring offence at Oxford Magistrates’ Court? Call Keep Me On The Road – our expert team of road traffic lawyers are on hand to help you keep your driving licence – 0800 046 3066

We represent drivers nationwide and regularly appear in Oxford Magistrates Court. We will give you initial advice on your case free of charge, and we can represent you for a fixed fee in Court.

We can deal with any road traffic offence, from speeding, careless driving and drink driving, to those that relate to HGV/PSV drivers, operators and those relating to the car itself such as bald tyres and defective exhaust.

If you are in danger of obtaining 12 or more points on your licence, we can help you avoid the mandatory 6-month ban if we can show the Court this would cause ‘exceptional hardship’ to you or others. For all offences where you risk having points on your licence, we can avoid any penalty points if we can show that there are ‘special reasons in your case. We are experts in transport and motoring matters and have been given the top Tier 1 rating by the independent directory Legal 500 for nine years in a row because of this.

We are proud of our record of defending drivers and allowing people to keep their driving licences. We deal with sentencing hearings and full trials where you plead not guilty and wish to challenge the offence.

For information and advice from an expert road traffic offence solicitor, contact us today on 0800 046 3066.