Driving Offence Solicitors – Oxford

With a tier 1 ranked motoring and transport team (Legal 500) we can help keep your licence in Oxford Magistrates.

Understanding the versatile nature of motoring law is one of our specialties and one reason why we are known nationwide. Our team at Rotheras are experienced, knowledgeable and above all else, friendly. So give our team a call and we can start the process to lightening the load off your shoulders.

How we can help at Oxford Magistrates

The team receives calls from all manor of driving offences daily so you can feel confident that nothing will surprise us. That experience includes both minor and major driving offences ranging from:


If you are in danger of obtaining 12 or more points on your licence, we can help you avoid the mandatory 6-month ban if we can show the Court this would cause ‘exceptional hardship’ to you or others. For all offences where you risk having points on your licence, we can avoid any penalty points if we can show that there are ‘special reasons in your case.

We are proud of our record of defending drivers and allowing people to keep their driving licences. We deal with sentencing hearings and full trials where you plead not guilty and wish to challenge the offence.

With a free initial phone call to chat about your circumstance, there really is no reason to delay. Time is a crucial factor in motoring offences so call us today.

For information and advice from an expert road traffic offence solicitor, contact us today on 0115 910 6239.