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If you are looking for driving offence solicitors to assist you in connection with your hearing at Solihull Magistrates Court, then look no further. Here at Rotheras we specialise in all road traffic and motoring offences and are experts in motorist defence.

Whether it be a drink driving or a speeding offence or careless or inconsiderate driving, we can help and provide a robust defence or a clear and concise statement in mitigation.

We understand that keeping your driving licence is important to you and we can assist in connection with a “special reasons” argument, putting forward exceptional hardship where appropriate in order to avoid a driving ban under the totting up provisions. As a result of our representation, you may be found not guilty at a trial and we may also be able to recover a proportion of your legal costs central government funds, reducing the cost to you.

It is often the case that our clients are not sure who the driver of any vehicle is and s.172 of the Road Traffic Act requires the owner of the vehicle to give “such information as to the identity of the driver”. We can assist you in connection with the obligation to provide information under s.172 and any offences that arise from failing to fulfil that obligation.

Rotheras’s motoring solicitors regularly appear at Solihull Magistrates Court and other local courts in and around Birmingham and the West Midlands. If your matter is to proceed, we can put forward a robust defence or a strong plea by way of mitigation or indeed if a driving ban under the totting up provisions looks to be the course that the Magistrates shall follow, we can submit to the court an exceptional hardship argument giving reasons why a period of disqualification is inappropriate in your case.

Whether you need our assistance in connection with a trial, special reasons argument, or wish to have us represent you if you are facing a ban, contact Rotheras driving offence solicitors on 0115 910 6239.