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Drink driving, driving bans, speeding offences and everything in between, are all aspects of motoring law that our legal specialists excel at on a day to day basis. With a 97% success rate in special reasons mitigation by our expert team, you can rely on us to handle every motoring incident with experience, professionalism and empathy.

Notice of Intended Prosecution

If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution or a summons in respect of a motoring offence or road transport law matter, we are always available to help. Our respected and renowned team at Rotheras are extremely well regarded in the motoring offence community and with us, you’ll have our full support in a plethora of motoring offences at Staffordshire Magistrates Court including:

                       – DR10, DR30, DR60 etc.
                       – SP10, SP30, SP50 etc.

Avoiding a driving ban or conviction in Stafford

Avoiding a driving ban or motoring conviction is an area in which our team thrive as we understand your driving licence is pivotal to everyday life. We will look at all aspects of your case to see whether there could be exceptional hardship grounds, special reasons circumstances or to seek an alternative sentence that may result in you keeping your driving licence.

So, whatever the query, contact us and let us take the burden of worry off your shoulders.

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