Looking for legal representation at an Edinburgh Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry? Call us on 0115 910 6239

Our Specialist Road Transport Solicitors have an excellent record before Traffic Commissioners in successfully obtaining the issue of your Operator’s Licence or in protecting your existing Operator’s Licence.  If you are looking at possible regulatory action, be it curtailment, suspension or revocation of your Operator’s Licence, contact us first.

If you are seeking to make a variation application to be considered at Public Inquiry, or if you are called to a Preliminary Hearing before a Traffic Commissioner, or if your drivers have to appear at Driver Conduct Hearings, contact Rotheras Solicitors first.

A Public Inquiry can be extremely daunting and the law complex.  There may be issues over financial standing, failure to notify of material change, questions over good repute or professional competence etc.

Whatever the reason for the call up we regularly appear at Edinburgh before the Traffic Commissioner and shall be happy to assist you.  For further information call our Public Inquiry Solicitors on 0115 910 6239 to discuss the particular requirements of your case.