Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiries

Have you been called to a Public Inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner? Get Expert Legal Representation Today

Receiving a summons to a Public Inquiry hearing with the Traffic Commissioner can be extremely stressful. A bad outcome can have a very damaging effect on your business, your livelihood and your reputation.

Our specialist Public Inquiry solicitors can help. We regularly appear at Public Inquiry hearings across every traffic area of the UK and as a result we are well known to the Traffic Commissioners. Our team will work closely with you in the lead up to the Inquiry to prepare your case and will represent you at the hearing itself. You can be assured that we will leave no stone unturned to protect your operator’s licence and your reputation.

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The Traffic Commissioner has the power to:

  • Revoke your operator’s licence
  • Suspend it
  • Reduce the number of vehicles you are allowed to operate
  • Attach conditions to your licence
  • Issue you with a warning
  • Refuse to grant a new licence or a variation

If the Commissioner revokes your licence, they can also choose to disqualify you from being involved in a company holding an O licence in the future and from applying for a new one.

The outcome of the Inquiry will depend upon the allegations, the strength of the evidence against you and the action you have taken to address any failings identified. It will also depend on how well your case is presented.

How our Transport Lawyers can Help

If you are facing a Public Inquiry it is likely you will have only a matter of days or weeks to prepare for it. For this reason, once instructed we act fast. We will:

  • Review the call in papers you have received and advise you on the evidence and the possible outcomes
  • Work closely with you to address any compliance problems before the hearing
  • Contact the DVSA and office of the Traffic Commissioner on your behalf to seek further information if necessary
  • Meet with you as soon as possible to review your call in papers, take your instructions and advise you
  • Represent you at your Public Inquiry and present your case so that you get the best outcome possible.

Public Inquiry hearings are a specialist area of law and therefore expert advice is essential.

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