Drivers’ Hours Rules and Tachograph Offences

Have you been caught breaching tachograph and drivers’ hours rules?

Rules surrounding the use of tachographs and drivers’ hours regulations can be complicated, so it’s not surprising that breaches committed around these regulations are the most common LGV crimes in England and Wales.

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The maximum fine for infringement of the driver’s hours rules can be unlimited for the most serious offences, and you could face imprisonment in the Crown Court and a driver’s vocational entitlement could be revoked or suspended by the Traffic Commissioner.

At Keep Me On The Road our experienced team can help with the following:

  • Advice on whether offences are made out
  • Review of tachograph data from the prosecutor and if necessary we arrange for it to be independently analysed
  • Liaise with the prosecutor, usually the DVSA (formerly VOSA) – certain offences can often be withdrawn on the basis of pleas to others
  • Make written representations to the prosecutor if there are live issues
  • Defend through to trial if elements of the offence are not made out
  • Advise on reporting convictions to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner
  • Represent you at any driver conduct hearing into your LGV entitlement arising from convictions

Our road transport lawyers at Keep Me On The Road have an enviable success rate in defending clients who are facing investigation or prosecution for breaching drivers’ hours regulations and tachograph offences.

We represent operators and drivers nationwide in the Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Court, Tribunal Appeals and before the Traffic Commissioner.

Drivers’ Hours Rules and Tachograph Offences Solicitors – 

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