DVSA Investigations

Are you facing DVSA investigation and need expert advice?

If you are being visited by DVSA and facing a DVSA investigation (formerly a VOSA investigation) it is important to prepare yourself and seek specialist expert advice from road transport lawyers.

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At Keep Me On The Road our team have extensive experience in helping operators who are facing a DVSA investigation, and can advise you on a number of factors.

DVSA has the power to attend your operating centre to look over your records and can also carry out roadside spot-checks on commercial and other vehicles, issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to drivers at the roadside in respect of various offences including:

  • Drivers’ hours and tachograph use
  • Overloading
  • Insecure/dangerous loads
  • Vehicle defects

Depending on the alleged offence, DVSA may conduct an interview with the driver at the roadside. These interviews may be carried out under caution and notes will be taken at that time. Specific questions will be asked related to the offence/s and further investigation may take place which could lead to prosecution by DVSA. If DVSA are paying you a visit get in touch with us.

If DVSA have concerns over a driver or operator’s non-compliance, they will want to look at records and vehicles and interview under caution. The results will be reported to the Traffic Commissioner and may also lead to prosecution. The Traffic Commissioner may decide to call the operator to a Public Inquiry at which regulatory action may be taken against an operator’s licence. A driver may also be called to an LGV entitlement hearing (driver conduct hearing).

We can help you prepare for any visit and review with you your operator licence compliance. We also help with:

  • Police interviews under caution
  • Representation in Magistrates’ and Crown Court
  • Court appeals
  • Notifying a conviction to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner
  • Operator Licensing Public Inquiries
  • Driver Conduct Hearings
  • Operator Compliance Risk Scores

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