Challenging London Low Emission Zone Penalties

Have you received heavy London Low Emission Zone Penalties? Our transport lawyers can help you challenge them.

Our transport lawyers are experts at successfully challenging London Low Emission Zone penalties. Clients of ours include trans-European transport and logistics companies. We have a very high success rate and frequently succeed in 100% penalty cancellations.

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The London Low Emission Zone

The London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) affects all of London. Trucks that enter the zone must meet a minimum emissions standard or pay a daily charge otherwise they will face a heavy fine.

Be warned – European transport companies must register their vehicles with the scheme in advance even if they already meet the emissions standards.

The current penalty for a truck entering the Low Emission Zone without registering or paying the daily charge is £1,000. From 26 October 2020 this will increase to £2,000 for vehicles not meeting Euro IV emissions standards. As a result if you ignore the fines and do nothing, your vehicles can be seized in the UK.

The London Ultra Low Emission Zone [ULEZ] covers a smaller area in the centre of the city. Trucks that enter the ULEZ must be Euro VI compliant.

How we can Help

If you have received London Low Emission Zone Penalties, contact us today. Our team are very experienced in representing transport companies who have received tens of thousands of pounds in fines. In addition we act fast to contact the London enforcement authorities on your behalf and make representations. Usually we will usually ask you to supply us with evidence because this will help us build your case.

We have a high success rate in achieving full penalty cancellations so that you can stay on the road..