Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry

Have you been called to a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry and need advice?

Being called to a Traffic Commissioner’s public inquiry can be a daunting and nerve-wracking experience, and should the worst happen and your licence be revoked, suspended or curtailed, it can have a catastrophic effect on both your business and your reputation.

If you have been called to an operator licensing public inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner we recommend seeking legal advice at the earliest opportunity so that any issues can be identified and you can best prepare–call us now on 0800 046 3066.

You may have to attend a public inquiry if:

  • You have attracted prohibitions or there is a poor maintenance history
  • There are convictions e.g. for drivers’ hours, tachograph or overloading offences etc
  • There are objections to your licence application or variation
  • Your Transport Manager is not able to show professional competence
  • There are environmental concerns about a goods vehicle operating centre on your licence
  • There are difficulties demonstrating financial standing

A Traffic commissioner can:

  • Refuse to grant or vary a licence
  • Attach conditions to a licence
  • Grant a licence allowing fewer vehicles than the number applied for
  • Impose financial penalties on registered bus service operators
  • End or suspend an existing licence
  • In more severe cases disqualify an individual director or transport managers

At Keep Me On The Road we regularly assist transport operators applying for new operator’s licences and clients potentially facing regulatory action at public inquiry. We work with you to provide informed legal advice and robust representation at your inquiry.

Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry Solicitors – 

If you have been called to a public inquiry by a Traffic Commissioner and need representation call our transport lawyers now on 0800 046 3066