For those that missed it, which is practically everyone, France is fining anyone who doesn’t openly display how dirty their cars are.

The regime began in January, but with Easter fast approaching there are concerns we’ll all head across the Channel and think it’s just Brexit that’s infuriating our Gallic chums.

The Crit’Air scheme requires all vehicles in Paris, Lyon and Grenoble to display a window sticker, or vignette according to how much they pollute.

The stickers cost a few quid and come in six categories, from the very cleanest cars to the jalopies that might not even get you to the white cliffs of Dover, let alone Grenoble.

The penalty for failing to display one of these stickers is an on-the-spot fine of between 68-135 Euros (£58-£117).

This scheme isn’t being done simply for naming and shaming japes, the French authorities will use the information on high pollution days to work out which vehicles will be allowed into the above cities, and which will get a ‘non’.

So far, so French. But the RAC is warning that it tried to order an anti-pollution sticker as a test and it took six weeks to turn up, which sounds very French indeed.

The implication is that if you have yet to order your own vehicle emission sticker and you have holiday plans in France this year, you might want to sort things out in double quick time, which sounds very English but only because we’re better at fooling ourselves about our productivity.

And don’t expect this arrangement to disappear any time soon; more than 20 other French towns have signalled their interest in relying on a similar scheme over the next three years and the UK government has been given an eight-month deadline to produce a new plan for tackling our own air pollution problems.

If you have received a fine and need some advice contact our road transport team on 0115 910 6239