S 172 Failing to Provide Driver Identity

If you have received a summons explaining that you have failed to provide information as to driver identity then this is the time to speak to us. We can talk through your case before you respond and we may even be able to deal with the matter without attending court.

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Being convicted with this offence will mean that you will receive 6 penalty points and a fine of up to £1000. The Magistrates can also disqualify someone for this offence but it is rare.

We are able to challenge this offence in a number of ways. For example, there may be evidential errors. It may also be impossible to identify the driver of the car and therefore you can use the defence of reasonable diligence. To successfully use this defence, you must show that you have made a real and genuine effort to identify the driver, which can be evidenced at court.

Sometimes motorists are charged with this offence as well as speeding.  We are regularly successful in persuading the Prosecution to proceed only with the initial offence of say speeding and on that basis, agree to withdraw the Section 172 offence of failing to furnish particulars.  We are also extremely successful in advancing special reasons arguments in these cases – 97% success rate.

S 172 Failing to Provide Driver Identity

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