Single Justice Procedure Notice

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Single Justice Procedure Notices are sent in the post and are typically used for minor offences that cannot result in a prison sentence, however they are also becoming used for more serious offences that can reach the Crown Court.

If you receive a Notice it will outline the evidence upon which the prosecutor will rely upon for the case and the options available to you. Although there will not be a summons to a specific court date, you will be asked to respond to the Notice within 21 days. The Notice will also include a plea form where you can state whether you want to plead guilty and not attend court, plead guilty and attend court or plead not guilty.

If you plead guilty to the offence and indicate that you do not wish to attend court, your case will be discussed in private by a single magistrate and a trained legal advisor based on the evidence supplied by the prosecutor, as well as any written mitigation you have provided. The charge will then be convicted and sentenced or dismissed as appropriate. This same process will also apply if you fail to respond to the notice. If you plead not guilty your case will be referred to a full court.

A Single Justice Procedure Notice can often result in a fine or other sanctions, especially if you have committed a driving offence that can lead to penalty points on your licence.

Under the Single Justice Procedure the court follows sentencing guidelines quite strictly, so if you don’t believe you are guilty, committed a less serious offence than detailed in the Notice or have exceptional mitigation, we would always advise seeking professional representation.

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