Ms Gordon* wished to make an Appeal to the Crown Court after the Magistrates’ Court failed to find in her favour on an exceptional hardship argument. Pending the Appeal the suspension of the driving disqualification was secured, meaning Ms Gordon could continue at the forefront of her successful business. This was fortuitous as the Appeal took almost a year to come before the Crown Court.

Letters from Ms Gordon’s accountant and business partner needed to be obtained and presented to the Court along with maps showing the geographical areas covered in Ms Gordon’s business; spreadsheets put together showing business contracts and their value on past revenue and profits and the future impact on the business. The Judge in the Crown Court had no hesitation in allowing the Appeal and further commented on the “diligent and meticulous preparation and presentation” of the case.

Ms Gordon was also able to secure a refund of her legal fees and expenses through the granting of a Defendant’s Costs Order.

“You can appeal against a conviction or sentence, or both if you pleaded not guilty. In the case above, by preparing a thorough argument for the client, including showing the value of the client’s business contracts we were able to demonstrate the impact that a driving disqualification would have on our client and her livelihood.”

Olivia Maginn, Barrister
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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients