Speeding Offences Solicitors

Have you been caught speeding?

With fixed and variable speed cameras it’s very easy for motorists to get caught and penalty points can soon add up.

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Fines for speeding offences can be as high as £2,500 including 3-6 penalty points and you can also be disqualified from driving. It is important you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

How do you know if you have been caught speeding?

You can receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution or ‘NIP’ in the post.
• You can be stopped by the police and may receive a fixed penalty (speeding ticket) or be informed that you will need to report to court for a summons.

Please note, with high speed offences, you will receive a summons or postal requisition to attend Court and they will look to disqualify you from driving. Seek advice at the earliest opportunity to keep your licence intact.

Our expert team have excellent success rates and can help you protect your licence and advise on the best course of action depending on the speed you were traveling.  We can also put specialist defences before the court relating to signage and the science behind speed cameras.

Speeding Offences Solicitors –

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