PSV Public Service Operator’s Licence

Need advice about a PSV Operator’s Licence?

If you are an operator or professional driver looking to transport passengers, it is vital you have the correct public service vehicle (PSV) licence in place. Failing to do so or not using it properly means you could be called to a public inquiry or have your licence revoked.

For advice regarding public service vehicle licences or representation at a PSV licensing public inquiry contact our experienced transport team on 0115 910 6218.

Types of licence

Depending on your operations you will need one of the following licences:

  • Standard national licence-enables you to carry passengers in Great Britain only
  • Standard national and international licence-required when you are transporting passengers both abroad and in Great Britain
  • Restricted licence-only required where you have 1 or 2 vehicles and neither can carry more than 8 passengers. However one of the vehicles can carry 16 passengers if it is not being used as part of a passenger transport business or the vehicle is used as a side-line rather than the operator’s main job
  • Special restricted licence- a special licence used to operate licensed taxis on local services

At Keep Me On The Road our dedicated transport lawyers have a wealth of experience in the following:

  • Applications for PSV Drivers’ licences
  • Applications for PSV Operators’ licences
  • PSV driver conduct hearings
  • Representation at Public Inquiry
  • Representation at the Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court

It is likely that your business and livelihood will depend on having a public service vehicle licence in place. If you or your drivers have committed a PSV offence we recommend seeking legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Our experienced transport lawyers at Keep Me On The Road have represented many operators who have previously been refused an operator’s licence or who have faced public inquiry to determine whether their application should be granted.

Operator’s Licence Solicitors

If you need advice regarding a PSV licence offence or have any questions about applying for one contact our transport law and operator licensing solicitors on 0115 910 6218 or email