Wrong Name on Summons

Have you received a summons or notice of intended prosecution with the wrong name or incorrect details?  

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General Principles

The Court must be asked to produce the summons within a 6 month period for minor offences

Errors on the Court summons do not generally invalidate it. Whether or not a prosecutor will be allowed to amend the details on the summons will very much depend on whether there is any prejudice caused to a defendant.

A Court summons ought to properly outline the allegation including:

    • The relevant legislation
    • Identification of the alleged defendant
    • Date of the offence
  • Sufficient additional information to identify the particulars of the offence such as vehicle registration and offence location

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If you have received a summons and you consider the summons could be incorrect; perhaps it is unclear precisely what the offence is, or the summons has been issued late, or maybe the wrong legislation has been applied, or simply the correct defendant does not appear on the summons.

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