Mr Harris* was asked to attend the police station for a suspected dangerous or careless driving charge. The police had dash cam footage from another car, showing him overtaking at speed and
colliding with the other vehicle. Ordinarily, careless driving will result in having to attend Court with a sentence of 3-9 penalty points or a ban, as well as a fine.

At the police interview, we were able to explain to the police that the driver had difficult personal circumstances and that this was a one-off incident. We arranged for him to attend a driver
awareness course instead of prosecution which meant that he kept his licence clean and avoided the need to go to Court.

“If we have the opportunity to speak with the police before a case goes to Court, we can explore whether the case can be dealt with more leniently. I would always suggest contacting us as soon as you are contacted by the police to see if we can help.”

Anton Balkitis, Transport Solicitor
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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients